An Anonymous Testimony From A C.A.A.C.A. Member:

All of my life, especially working in Calcutta, I have known two things; that God exists, and that huge amounts of money from third-world dictatorships stored in off-shore bank accounts when it’s supposed to be for the poor fund a whole BUNCHA religious causes.  There is no ‘maybe’ about these fundamental truths.

Without Truth; truth with a capital T, what would we do?  Tolerate clear falsehoods?  Chart middle grounds?  Buy a few damn cots and a sterile needle or two?  I don’t think so!  Agnostics would have you believe that just maybe, all the facts are not known, or that both sides of a position may hold part of a greater truth, but that’s obvious hogwash and dangerous thinking to boot.  Where  would we be without yes or no answers?  Spinning our gears I tell you!  Or even worse, forced to read more than one book!

“Without Truth; truth with a capital T, what could we do? Tolerate clear falsehoods? Chart middle grounds? Buy a few damn cots and a sterile needle or two?“

I was once  plagued by doubt.  I even said that, “the silence and the emptiness is so great that I look and do  not  see, listen and do  not hear.”  Perhaps I couldn’t hear because Christopher Hitchens wouldn’t shut his gob for one minute, but whatever the case may be, my good friend Charles Keating  gave me 125 million reasons to carry on.  And while keeping utterly silent about the matter worked for me when I was asked to give those millions of reasons back, there is one thing in the world we can’t afford to be quiet about: those that would undermine everything we have exploited, beaten, defrauded, fought and killed for by taking away our God-given right to be right, all the time, every time, all the while saying that it wasn’t the things we believed in that justified our motivations, just the STUFF we could get for spreading them!   So I did what everyone would do.

I gave a bunch of money to yet another group that would TELL me what the truth was.  And I haven’t looked back.   You should too.




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Lance LeClaire is a freelance artist and writer. He writes on subjects ranging from science and skepticism, atheism, and religious history and issues, to unexplained mysteries and historical oddities, among other subjects. You can look him up on Facebook, or keep an eye for his articles on Here I blog about issues and news relating to atheism and religion primarily, and C.A.A.C.A. is a satire/parody site. That should go without saying, but in America it's often necessary anyway.

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