Is The C.A.A.C.A. Blog Right For Me? If the answers to the following questions are YES, become a follower!

1: Are you reminded of fingernails across a chalkboard when someone says, “Maybe we should wait until all the facts are in”?

2: Do you think that a fence is for standing on one side or the other of?

3: Do you find it blindingly obvious that their either IS a God, or there isn’t?  And just MAYBE, this question has something or other to do with religion?

4: Have you ever felt an overwhelming desire to pick up a pitchfork for something other than farming purposes?

5: Do you ever feel like sneaking up behind a metaphysical solipsist and flipping a coin to see whether you should hit him on the head (Heads means you do!) with a baseball bat, in order to see if you can create some kind of reality paradox and destroy the universe?

6: Does the sight of waffles remind you of agnostics?

7: Do you find yourself JEALOUS of Islamic extremists?

8: Do you tithe 10% of your income or more to a church?

9:  Does the image below remind you of a typical debate?

Than C.A.A.C.A. is PERFECT for you!  Get your wallets…ah, minds ready, and gird your loins for battle!

Pictured: Debate, C.A.A.C.A. style.
Pictured: Debate, C.A.A.C.A. style.

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Lance LeClaire is a freelance artist and writer. He writes on subjects ranging from science and skepticism, atheism, and religious history and issues, to unexplained mysteries and historical oddities, among other subjects. You can look him up on Facebook, or keep an eye for his articles on Here I blog about issues and news relating to atheism and religion primarily, and C.A.A.C.A. is a satire/parody site. That should go without saying, but in America it's often necessary anyway.

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