The Coming Age of Twilight…

Above:  The Fruits of Agnosticism.  Is this the world we want?
Above: The Fruits of Agnosticism. Is this the world we want?

It’s true. A great Darkness is coming…The hellish whisper of, “Meh?” can be heard across the land…

While too many Christians and Atheists argue among themselves about the trivial question of God’s existence (what does THAT have to do with religion?), a slowly creeping menace has been growing throughout our beloved world that threatens all of our existences.
Fortunately, two brave visionary leaders have come together to combine their organizations and combat this threat before it is too late. That’s right, we are talking about the horror of the ever-spreading blight of uncertainty!

The face of the enemy - ”The Great Agnostic” himself, Robert G. Ingersoll.
The face of the enemy – ”The Great Agnostic” himself, Robert G. Ingersoll.

Make no mistake. They may seem sorta clueless. Reasonable even. but agnostics are out to undermine our greatest freedom: The right to scream bloody murder over pointless doctrines, muddled semantics and strident militant talking-a-lot. Make no mistake: They are infiltrating our ranks even now.
Now, Lance Luther, of the Christian Response Alert for Silly Stories in Schools (C.R.A.S.S.S.) along with Richard Sqauwkens, President of atheists for More Obnoxious Blogs (M.O.B.), have put aside their flame wars on atheist and Christian online forums to lead both parties against a peril that threatens not only our vulnerable nation, but the very world itself!

But willing as we are to take on those who would threaten our very lives with their shrill cries of “well gee, I don’t really know for certain”, we can’t do it alone. We need your help to keep the world safe for absolutism.
Start by becoming a follower! You know you want to follow! In return, you’ll receive regular dispatches from the organization that PROMISES that, “we will argue to our last breath” until the vile agnostics speak no more. This is just the opening salvo folks. We WILL win the war!

Are you a patriot? Do you love/hate your country and would do anything for/against it? Then you owe it to yourself to immediately follow our blog, give over tons of cash, and take a stand-any stand!

Remember folks, relativism is usually a bad idea!


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Lance LeClaire is a freelance artist and writer. He writes on subjects ranging from science and skepticism, atheism, and religious history and issues, to unexplained mysteries and historical oddities, among other subjects. You can look him up on Facebook, or keep an eye for his articles on Here I blog about issues and news relating to atheism and religion primarily, and C.A.A.C.A. is a satire/parody site. That should go without saying, but in America it's often necessary anyway.

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