7 Things Not to Say to the Atheist in Your Family…

…or as Lance Luther likes to call it, ‘7 Points to Bring up on Every Possible Occasion to Beat those Heathens into Submission.’

Professor Sqauwkens adds, “if you say this shit to us, we’ll take a flame-thrower to your ass.”  Great pithy post by Herb Silverman.


Update:  Herb Silverman has written a follow-up post to his original article called “7 Ways to Talk to Your Family Atheist”.  Apparently, “burn them” is not an option.  You can read it at:



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Lance LeClaire is a freelance artist and writer. He writes on subjects ranging from science and skepticism, atheism, and religious history and issues, to unexplained mysteries and historical oddities, among other subjects. You can look him up on Facebook, or keep an eye for his articles on Listverse.com. Here I blog about issues and news relating to atheism and religion primarily, and C.A.A.C.A. is a satire/parody site. That should go without saying, but in America it's often necessary anyway.

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