The 18 Million-Dollar Church & State Bitchslap:

Ken Ham’s Pet Ark project (known as the Ark Encounter; his proposed Noah’s Ark-based theme park under pseudo-construction in Kentucky, of all places) has hit a snag–the ‘museum’s’ hiring practices are clearly discriminatory and a violation of Federal Law because Ham insists on running it as a for-profit business (How some churchey-types just LOVE taking from Caesar).

Pictured: Reality Credit: Ark Encounters


This minor detail has brought down the ire of both atheists, such as Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and secular/religious Church/State separation supporters, such as Americans United.  You see, Ham recently applied for a 18 million dollar tourism tax incentive, which was granted preliminary acceptance (how it got that far is scandalous enough, but Rev. Luther is drooling all over the keyboard at the possibilities).  Now, the Project’s proposal has been turned down.

The proposal went adrift because Ham and his fellow creationists forced potential new hires to sign a declaration of faith before they can climb aboard and set sail.  When the storm moved in, secular groups were forced to drop the anchor and try to make Ham walk the plank.

Ham, of course denies everything and insists that the religious oath was only meant for the non-profit part of the project–like designing the Ark, the religious object everyone is going to be looking at if this Turkey flies (boat ever gets christened?).  You can see some of the actual job postings over at Dan Arel’s Patheos blog, Danthropology.

In related news, the Ark Encounters website just ran a feature on a crocaduck.

Updates as the tide comes in.
C.A.A.C.A. got the story from Faith Street,


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2 thoughts on “The 18 Million-Dollar Church & State Bitchslap:”

  1. What a mess. The supposed real ark was built by a 500 year old guy with bronze age tools and … and … nothing. Hambo can’t get it built for less than … more money than existed at the time the real one was built. He’s asking for government help to build his ark too. I say “if his god wants him to build it, let his god pay for the damn thing”


  2. I wonder if Ham believes that he might help trigger the Endtimes, and that his God might end the world again if the Ark is built? Or has he taken that possibility into account? He could be acting entirely against God’s Will, and about to make one hell of a mistake.

    One thing is for sure; Ham couldn’t come up with a good excuse with an angel whispering it into his ear. “The money was going to the ‘non-profit’ arm of the park?” What part would that be? The big friggin boat? The souvenir shop? The cute (but wholesome) girls that walk around with cameras to take pics of the tourists for money (Oops, just gave Ham an idea)? Is working on autocad still secular if you are designing objects from fables? Heck, does Ham’s involvement in a project automatically make it religious (I think an argument can be made for that!)?

    Oh yeah, thanks for being my first commentator! You would win a copy of Rev. Luther’s ‘Manifesto Against the Protestant Work Ethic and a Call for a New ‘Murican Reformation’, but they all blew away in the ‘Great Day of Reform’ and the reverend is still rewriting it.


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