Lance LeClaire is a free-lance writer from the Detroit area.  C.A.A.C.A. (Christians and Atheists Against Creeping Agnosticism is a sometimes serious sometimes satiric blog on subjects pertaining to religion, atheism, agnosticism, Freethought and secular values/institutions.
Lance Luther became sick of the more liberal strains of religiosity running through his beloved nation and, like his namesake, nailed his 2038-pg manifesto to every church in America.  Unfortunately, it was a Sunday and nobody saw it before they were blown away.  He vows to use longer nails next time.  He demands more silly theories be taught in schools.
Richard Sqauwkins runs the largest network of atheists who ever read a book, was convinced, and decided THEY had to write a book ever assembled.  When it comes to twitter, he’s all thumbs.  He STILL hasn’t learned that apologists are adept at taking quick comments and blowing them sky-high.



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