Couple Gets 10-Year Jail Sentence for Refusing Medical Attention on Faith-Based Grounds:

Someone should have known this was going to happen.  It’s truly horrible when someone allows faith to stand in the way of medical attention (is it so HARD to believe that just maybe, a God put medicine on Earth for a reason?)

But when they name their daughter Syble; that’s like broadcasting their intentions, even if the real Sybil admitted to being a fake.

Travis and Wenona Rossiter of the Church of the First Born (complain to the Church there) are the latest parents to allow their child to die because their religion forbids medicine.  They just received a 10-year jail sentence for manslaughter for doing so, which I think should be classed as premeditated murder.  There simply isn’t anyone in Western society who doesn’t know–somewhere inside them, that not seeking medical attention and/or withholding life-saving treatments for serious illnesses can kill somebody.  After all, with all of the high-profile media coverage of these kinds of crimes, nobody has an excuse.     This goes double when the perpetrators say that they wouldn’t have done anything differently, and admitted that they would have tried to talk their daughter out of seeking medical attention if she had asked.

In court, the pair stated that they thought their daughter was suffering from a flu. This, is how Deputy District Attorney Keith Stein described Syble Rossiter’s symptoms in the days before her death:

“(She)…was extremely thirsty and dehydrated, vomited and urinated out everything she took into her system, and was so weak she couldn’t stand.”

Syble was, in fact, suffering from diabetes and had been for quite some while.  She died in February of 2013, at 12 years old.

If there is anything positive to be gained out of this, it’s that the courts seem to be showing a willingness to prosecute this kind of behavior.


The World Mourns The Plight of Millions of Eastern Senior Men, Rhino Horn Dies

There was distress in parts of the Eastern World and an outpouring of sympathy from Western neighbors on December 14th when it was announced that Angalifu’s horn, a male Northern White Rhinocero-horn, had died at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  Angalifu was the second-to-last male rhino-horn of it’s species.  Northern White Rhino-horns are universally considered to be the very best horns to be used as powerful aphrodisiacs and catch-all fetishes for thousands of ridiculous superstiti….we mean, Eastern medicinal purposes.

Ken Bohn/Reuters
Ken Bohn/Reuters

The loss of the keratin (keratin is the same material in human fingernails) estimated from only having one male member of this once-proud species is going to doom millions of Eastern old-men to a life without the simple joy of fooling themselves into believing that chewing on fingernails will give them ‘increased vigor’ or help their flaccid members to attain former heights of glory once known by their once-virile manhood.
Cards of condolences have been arriving from people in the U.S. and Central America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Africa, who added that they too were “sorry” for the loss of Angalifu’s meat and horn.
A spokesman for Africa said that, “They see now that their dire need for bushmeat and the black-market saleries they enjoyed from selling horns was nowhere near as urgent as the Eastern need for Magic Rhino-Dust.  We were selfish and short-sighted.  If we had only looked past our own pressing problems, we could have started a breeding program back when we had a larger population of horns and meat.”

Hope remains however.  The Society of Homeopaths has already rushed to visit several key regions in the East in order to offer an emergency program designed to counter the loss of the prized horns.
Dr. Starbird Windwillow, the Director of SOH New Eastern Market Division, says that, “If we can obtain the remaining stores of keratin-derived Medicines, we should be able to create an indefinite supply.  Nobody would have to suffer.  Nobody at all.”  He added that it would be, “Strong boners for all.”

This week the entire world hangs it’s head in shame, crushed by the burden of self-knowledge.  Nobody had thought of others, while there had been time.  Now, Western scientists are trying to make it up to Eastern senior citizens and their cultural medicinal practices by trying to clone rhino horns, or rebuild a population of horns by using stem cells.

–We at C.A.A.C.A. heard the bad news over at Professor Jerry A Coyne’s, Why Evolution is True.